Paw Prints Pet Boarding 

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At Paw Prints, we are focused on providing professional, quality care.  We have the ability to meet your pets' requirements.  Veterinary Technologist owned and operated allows for administration of medicines and management of medical disorders.  PLEASE NOTE:  Medications MUST come in their original prescription container with drug name, strength and dosage instructions, as well as pet's name, all in a legible fashion.  Without this, no administration. 

We strongly encourage pet owners to bring their pet's food in with them (whether it be raw, homemade, or commercial). 

It is always nice to have a bed, mat, or t-shirt that comes from home, with their scent, to put in with them.  But do remember, if your dog is prone to ingesting beds & toys, etc.  it may not be in her/his best interest.  Use your best judgement please. 

Sleeping decks are available for the senior dogs! 

Daily turnout for dogs, in good weather, is approx. every three hours beginning at 6:30 am and last trip out approx.  10 pm.  This type of schedule allows for quite a bit of social interaction and breaks up their day.  IF dogs are to go out to play together, both owners will have to agree beforehand and it will depend upon the suitability of dogs in boarding at that time.  Please note, not all dogs are 'dog friendly' and we will respect that. 

Cats are not generally let out together (unless they live together) usually spells trouble otherwise!  Some are more social than others. 

Upon arrival, we will fill out a 'boarding consent' to obtain information about your pet; feeding instructions, medical conditions, medications, regular vet., and any emergency numbers that you with to leave with us.

One new cat "Suite" pens! A cozy room with couch, chair, table, cat-friendly perches...looks just like a living room!